Review - To The Moon

Artist: Monster Movie

As third guitarist in the massively influential band Slowdive, Christian Savill is a somewhat unsung hero of the shoegazing movement. Although his post-Slowdive project Monster Movie (Savill along with Sean Hewson) has received a modicum of praise based on their 2002 debut, Last Night Something Happened, it's been nothing compared to the consistent plaudits generated by his former bandmates' Mojave 3 project. Which is unfortunate, since both Last Night and Monster Movie's latest, To the Moon are engaging and (unsurprisingly) texturally rich albums. Though certainly unafraid to utilize multiple effects and sonic density, Monster Movie seems more concerned with crafting catchy and effective songs than with swooning you into the ether. To the Moon is a brief record – 11 songs in under 40 minutes – but it's packed with ideas and hooks and never once betrays the fact that it was created by a "band" that's really just two guys.