Review - Go Home: Live from Slane Castle Ireland

Artist: U2

That this concert was recorded twenty years after U2's first appearance at the castle made it momentous. That it was part of the back-to-basics "Elevation" tour made it monstrous. That it was recorded ten days before the World Trade Center went up in flames makes it a perfect snapshot of just how carefree things could be at a rock show. 80,000 people -- "Our tribe," as Bono says -- joyously bathed in the glow of pure bombastic abandon (and Bono's ego). With the rock-oriented sound of "All That You Can't Leave Behind" as the backbone of the set, the two decades of music that passed between the band's first show and this one mean that it's constant classics from open to close (even if it's a song like "Kite," that just sounds like a classic). More streamlined than the double-DVD "Elevation" set released in December 2001 (which, itself, was supposed to reflect some of the retrograde attitude the band then had), "Go Home"is beautifully -- and simply -- presented. And, rather than waxing nostalgic, it presents the sights and sounds of a band morphing into classicism surprisingly gracefully.