Review - The Gospel According to The Studdogs

Artist: The Studdogs

Literary facility has never been a hallmark of rock & roll, and The Studdogs aren't bucking the trend on this 12-track assault. Opting for the power of rock's nastiness, rather than crafting witty turns of phrase, some of the lyrical exploits here are borderline qualifications for special-ed class. (To wit: "She's got X-ray vision, she's got X-ray eyes/ And when she gets you into her sights, there's nothing you can hide.") But given that every song is about drinkin', rockin', screwin' or being an asshole (or all of the above) and that each of them is delivered at ear-bleeding volume in the briefest amount of time (only one song cracks the three-minute mark), who really cares what they're screaming about? The Studdogs are Orlando's most effective distillers of balls-out, bottoms-up rock mayhem, and this Gospel is prime salvation.