Review - Just an American Band

Artist: Verbal Abuse

They made their name in the early '80s San Francisco hardcore scene, but it's important to remember that the group Verbal Abuse originally hailed from Texas and were some angry and mean young men. Thusly, they weren't quite as beholden to the peacenik squatter ideology as some of their neighbors (and God knows they weren't straight edge), but Verbal Abuse's music still exploded with the angry nihilism that permeated that highly influential scene. This remastered reissue of the band's landmark debut LP is a potent blast from the past, dishing up the original 12 songs (in about 20 minutes), as well as a live show from 1984 that captures the group's relentless stage energy. Tracks like "Disintegration" and "Boredom" resonate with a punk timelessness, but the raw energy of V.A. is something that no current punk band is capable of re-creating. In other words, it sounds a little dated.