Review - Kalmopyrin

Artist: Gabor Csupo

If the name sounds familiar, it's because he's half of Klasky Csupo Inc. Yeah, the animation team behind "Rugrats" -- the cartoon cool enough to use the Devo guy's theme music -- is just one of the colorful pursuits of Gabor Csupo. He's also quite the electronic experimentalist in his own right, both as a musician and as head of the Tone Casualties label (Controlled Bleeding, Holger Czukay).

Kalmopyrin is Csupo's third album, and if you thought the Hungarian's cartoons had a slightly subversive streak running through them, one listen to this should crystallize that theory. Working from a wide range of electronic influences -- collage, breakbeat, ambient, whatever -- "Kalmopyrin" evokes a "My Life In the Bush of Ghosts" feel with its disparate percussive flavorings and seemingly random sonics. As an album, it's not entirely cohesive, but each track is rich with ideas.