Review - Tha Last Meal

Artist: Snoop Dog

With "Tha Last Meal," Snoop Dogg continues his pioneering efforts to downplay the aggressive nature of hip-hop by suggesting a satirical and obnoxious slant -- all the while keepin' it real by addressing elements of the gangsta lifestyle. The lyrical skit "Game Court" comically represents this fully. Propped behind a discolike interpolation of the theme from "People's Court," guest rapper Mac Minista spouts off a laundry list of accusations Snoop's been charged with throughout his career. It's ridiculous yet hilarious. The cartoonish behavior spills over even louder in the psychedelically funky rework "Hennesey N Buddah," the quiet-stormish "Stacey Adams" and the pot-induced whining in "Go Away."

Dr. Dre's flair for producing shines through with inventive beats. But beyond the lampooning overtones delivered through a customary inundation of vulgarities, nothing really stands out. Snoop's latest dish is a forgettable one.