Review - Iommi

Artist: Iommi

Black Sabbath guitarist Toni Iommi took two years to put together his first solo effort since the beginning of his career -- a star-studded salute to riff-driven rock that is simply a delight to listen to. Iommi recruited some of the best hard- and alternative-rock singers in the business to lend their vocal chords to this project, including Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Billy Idol, Ian Asterbury (The Cult) and Peter Steel (Type O Negative).

A Black Sabbath reunion of sorts commences when Ozzy Osbourne guests on the miserable misstep, "Who's Fooling Who," the least Sabbath-sounding song on the disc. The closest Iommi gets to capturing that glorious Sabbath fire is on "Patterns," featuring Serj Tankian (System of a Down) and "Time Is Mine" with Mr. Anselmo. Iommi has a lot of life left in his fingers; don't count him out just yet.