Review - How To Meet Girls

Artist: Nerf Herder

Green Day meets Weezer -- that's how a friend first described Nerf Herder to me in 1997. It turns out, he pretty much nailed it. Musically, the band with the name lifted from "Star Wars" sticks to the standard pop-punk fare, although its intriguing power-chording and rich melodies prove on par with, if not better than, the genre's best.

But what makes the band great is the self-deprecatory, potty-mouth, sex-drugs-and-pop-icon humor that so many bands try for -- and at which so few succeed. Think Blink 182, only really funny. Gems like "Courtney" (a tribute to Ms. Hole), "Pantera Fans in Love" and the somewhat morbid "5000 Ways to Die" pick up where the band left off. It's worth buying, especially if you're unfamiliar with "nerd core." But a quick warning: Don't listen to the anthematic last song, "Pervert," before any business functions. Singing the infectious chorus ("I'm a pervert, oh yeah") too loud may not be your best career move.