Review - Magic Gipsy

Artist: Eric Fernandez

Music is universal. Even though the lyrics on Eric Fernandez's "Magic Gipsy" are in a foreign tongue, no translation is necessary. The album's meditative state is not conjured up by lyrics, but by the rich soundscape that incorporates Spanish flamenco and Mediterranean styles along with keyboard, cello, Arabian and classical violin, bass, guitar, percussion and vocals. On his U.S. debut, Fernandez has created music that takes you on a comfortably paced journey to a variety of faraway, storybook settings.

"Adios Andalucia" is a seductive, liberating track. "Nomades Du Nil" conjures up the artist's gypsy heritage. "Mediterranee" is a mere whisper of a track. The transient sections play like sweet nectar rousing a wayfaring spirit. No wonder that Fernandez is such a highly prized gypsy traditionalist in Europe.