Review - Monster Wave ... 100 Feet High!

Artist: The Tarantulas

From the first note, local band The Tarantulas' instrumental surf-rock disc, "Monster Wave ... 100 Feet High!", catapults the listener into the heady world of "Pulp Fiction," swingin' '60s beach-party freak-outs and macho biker/cowboy fantasies. For some, the territory that's been mined so well by Dick Dale, the Ventures and latter-day worshippers like Man ... or Astroman? can sound limited, but superb technical playing by all three members and loving attention to detail puts their stamp on even the most familiar licks. Not one ounce of reverb is wasted.

The Tarantulas don't feel the need to slum into other genres -- a rough ride into the Spaghetti Western World of Ennio Morricone is as close as they get to a departure -- leaving muscle tracks like "Lonerider," "Dual Flying Kings" (which sets the mood of a Sean Connery Bond flick) and "Barney Rumble" to stand as equals among the giants of surf-rock. If "Monster Wave" is like a bitchin' surf on disc, live the band is a sonic tsunami.