Review - Digilogue

Artist: Zoviet France

Originally released two years ago on vinyl, "Digilogue" highlights the contrasts between the worlds of digital and analog music. Utilizing a mixture of failing analog equipment and high-tech digital recording devices, ambient-music wizards Zoviet France weave a sonic tapestry that is alternately soothing and unsettling.

There's not much that's danceable or even melodic, but the sound textures are open doors for any willing imagination to enter. The galloping percussion of "Alchemagenta" ebbs and flows in a dramatic dance. Ancient synthesizers provide the shocking beauty of "Haze Polder," while the frightening synthetic wails of "Angel's Pin Number" evoke hellish visions of something gone horribly awry. After about an hour of spaciousness, "Init" brings the dream to a crashing halt.

Stunning and disturbing, "Digilogue" is an exercise for the open-minded.