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Sushi Lola’s

Sushi Lola’s

2806 Corrine Drive



Fusion cuisine’s nothing new to Orlando – 
happens all the time. But have you seen traditional sushi meshed with huge ’Merican-style sandwiches before? Didn’t think so. Nestled tightly in a strip mall in the Audubon Park District, Sushi Lola’s is bursting with cheerful character, and deceptively huge flavor lurks on the single-page menu. The rolls run about $8 and up and range from unsurprising California and volcano rolls to gems like the Magic roll, which is precariously brought through the tight seating area and served engulfed in flames (but it’s delicious as well as brilliantly presented). There are other Asian dishes to be had too, from meat-and-sprout-and-tofu-and-egg ramen noodle soup to bento boxes.

The sandwiches play the same game as the sushi, with equal parts tradition (hello, chicken salad) and eclectic (ahoy-hoy, Korean bulgogi cheesesteak), and mostly keep things under $10. But service wins out in the end – you’re a regular from your first step inside – which may help you catch a couple of freebies (like a fried banana dessert), if you’re lucky.