The Daily Meal: The Orlando area is home to two of the best burgers in the nation



The Daily Meal released a list of the 101 best burgers in America. Two of those burgers reside right here in Orange County: the Hog Wild Burger at Oblivion Taproom and the B.B. Burger at That One Spot. They join delicious company like the Butcher's Cut at Flip Burger in Atlanta (No. 78), The Father's Office Burger in Los Angeles (No. 4) and the No. 1 Kuma Burger at Kuma's Corner in Chicago.

Oblivion Taproom underwent a change in chefs earlier this year and it appears that chef Bill Roberts' renewed focus on burgers definitely paid off. Coming in at No. 67 on The Daily Meal's list, the Hog Wild Burger is a half-pound patty topped with cheddar, caramelized onions, barbecue sauce, a giant perfect onion ring and, the best part: chopped pork and house-made bacon. Seriously, if you haven't eaten at Oblivion since they started smoking their bacon in-house, you should make a stop ASAP. Bonus: Enjoy your burger (and tots!) with a beer or cider from their vast selection.

Apparently, for a Central Florida burger to rate on The Daily Meal's list, it must come topped with another form of meat, plus some bacon slices. That One Spot's B.B. Burger, landing at No. 68 on the list, is smothered with brisket, bacon, caramelized onions and cheddar. What differentiates this Spot's burger from the (eerily similar) Oblivion burger is the addition of a to-die-for horseradish sauce. Not that watery, wannabe stuff you get with your roast beef at Arby's, the creamy horseradish yum yum sauce (the official name) adds a kick to the B.B. Burger that makes it worth the 20-ish minute drive to Ocoee. Add a side of hand-cut fries, and you will have a very happy tummy.

Burgers are booming in Orlando right now and it's apparent in our Best of Orlando voting, where seven local burger joints are fighting it out for the title of Orlando's Best Burger:

  • B&B Junction
  • Beth's Burger Bar
  • BurgerFi
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries
  • Graffiti Junktion
  • Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
  • Oblivion Taproom

That One Spot is conspicuously absent from the list, but if you'd like to vote for that or some other Orlando burger that you're totally in food-lust with, you've still got the option to write it in!


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