19 questions with an Orlando resident: Susan Dunn


Welcome to 19 Questions, a feature where we ask longtime Orlando residents 19 questions that are mostly related to living in the City Beautiful.

Susan Dunn works for a local community college and has been in the Central Florida area for 17 years, originally hailing from Buffalo. Susan's lived in Orlando proper for a decade and has never competed in the Olympics.

1. Who's your favorite Orlando resident, living, dead, real or fictional?

Daniel Tosh. I watched [Tosh.0's] entire "Season of Brad." I hate the bone-breaking injury videos, but I love the web redemptions.

2. What's the best meal you've ever eaten in Orlando?

Grilled cheese with fries at Graffiti Junktion in Thornton Park. I remember the night fondly. I had spent all day working in the yard, and it was probably around 10 p.m. by the time I made it there. Those fries were nothing short of heavenly.

3. What's your favorite mall in Orlando and why?

Probably the Oviedo Mall, for the total lack of crowds. Or really, any shoppers at all.

4. Jimmy Hula's: pro or con?

Pro. Their zucchini fries are pretty good. And I like their lava sauce, too.

5. What's your favorite beach in the area?

Canaveral National Seashore. It's pristine and not terribly congested. Plus, no cars. I really don't know why anyone thinks driving their car on the beach is a good idea.

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6. What's your favorite Orlando attraction that no longer exists?

The 20,000 Leagues ride. I remember visiting Disney as a kid and thinking that it was one of the coolest rides in the park.

7. What do you hate most about living in Orlando?

I-4 traffic, probably. I know that our traffic is not as bad as some larger cities, but it's still really frustrating. Especially when you see a lot of out-of-state plates on the roads during rush hour.

8. What do you hate least about living in Orlando?

You're never bored. There are literally a million things to do or see.

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9. If you had a give Orlando a new nickname, what would it be?

Toll Road City.

10. In one word, describe your day job.


11. What's your favorite coffee spot in Orlando?

Probably Einstein Bagel, because I can get a chocolate chip bagel to go with my joe.

12. Do you have an orange juice of choice?

Not really. I try to buy whatever brand is most reasonably priced and has the furthest expiration date. I'm lame. I'm not a huge juice drinker. I'll support the state economy through other means.

13. SunRail: pro or con?

Ugh. My heart says pro but my head says con. I think SunRail will ultimately prove way too inconvenient for people. I'd love to see a great public transportation option in Central Florida but with the sprawling geography, it's nearly impossible to have a system that's super convenient and timely for everyone.

14. Have you ever encountered Carrot Top? If so, describe the circumstance.

Who hasn't? Yes, more than once actually. Both times, I saw him at the Winter Park Panera. The dude loves his Panera. No one approached him but everyone was wide-eyed, staring.

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15. Tom Terry or Jason Brewer?

I have to say option "C" for Cocchiarella on News 13, and I don't even have Bright House cable. I sometimes get the opportunity to work with him at my job, and he's a really great guy. If I had to choose a second, I'd go with Jason Brewer.

16. What's the maximum amount of time you can spend on I-Drive before wanting to shoot someone?

Two hours, tops. Long enough for dinner at Maggianos. Otherwise, I loathe I-Drive. Especially the outlets end of the street.

17. What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen in Orlando?

Where to start? Probably the weirdest and coolest was on Halloween downtown, almost 3 years ago. There was a guy dressed as He-Man. His costume was incredible. He looked like he stepped right off of some artist's highly-polished storyboard. He played the part well too. As people encountered him, they just stopped dead in the street to gaze. Crowds were forming around him as he walked down Orange. He probably ended up being in hundreds, possibly thousands, of photos that night.

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18. Tourists: pro or con?

Mostly pro, but if I'm on I-4 and I encounter any congestion, I'll flip to con in a heartbeat.

19. What makes someone an Orlandoan?

Being able to walk out of a theme park knowing you didn't get to ride your favorite ride, but being okay with it because you know you can go back any time you want.