Fall Guide 2009 - Music

Think locally, rock globally

While this summer was a sweltering petri dish of petulance over insurance corporations, their stranglehold on our health-care system and the batshit crazies who love them (and just love shouting in general), the fall season, with Obama's planned China summit to hammer out a global warming deal, promises to bring with it old fears of a New World Order. And considering Florida's track record as the preferred home address of the tinfoil-hat set, we're all in for a ride on the crazy train. What better way to celebrate than to think globally with your concert planner?

Aussies AC/DC (Nov. 19, Amway Arena) will be here to congratulate our new prezzy with some 'Back in Black' action, while Japan's Melt Banana (Nov. 16, Club Firestone) bring the noise-rock on behalf of all-new party hounds the Democratic Party of Japan. Biker-rock purveyors the 69 Eyes (Oct. 15, the Social) hail from Obama-crazy Finland, and they'll pave the way for the Metalocalypse invasion of cartoonish (literally) death metal 'group' Dethklok (Nov. 7, Hard Rock Live). In a similar vein, our BFFs in Germany are sending us iconic industrial metal band KMFDM (Oct. 29, Club Firestone).

Rounding out the worldwide love-in are Brazilian psych-rock pioneers Os Mutantes (Oct. 15, Club Firestone). And we all know how a lovely Brazilian turns our leader's head.

And as for this bizarre Smokey Robinson-performs-the-hits-while-Brian Boitano-skates thing (Smokey Robinson Tribute on Ice, Nov. 11, St. Pete Times Forum)? Let's just say that's from Mars.

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