Redlight snack district

When you're out having drinks, the worst thing is getting the munchies. It's such a hassle to close your tab, get in your car, and fight the urge to commit fast-food seppuku. Fortunately for your belly and your desire to eat local, Redlight Redlight cuts out the middle man. Weather permitting, on most weekend nights one of several local caterers shows up to prepare a variety of selections to sate your appetite, often for less than the cost
of another pint.

Latin Food Factory


Armed with a small tabletop grill and a location that wafts the scent of Latin cooking straight to the bar, Latin Food Factory deftly performs
the magic trick of creating hunger
out of nothing. A signature dish
is pinchos, local grass-fed
beef glazed with homemade
chimichurri, skewered and served
over a plate of potato chips ($5).
The chewy, flavorful kebab pairs
nicely with dark, savory beers.

The Bee's Knees Sweet Treats

(Thursdays and Fridays)

If it's dessert you're after, that's the name of the game at the Bee's Knees, with a specialty in cupcakes that weaken the (bee's) knees. Peanut-butter—banana cupcakes with chocolate glaze? I faint. Blackberry—lemon-cheesecake cupcakes? I die. Fortunately, the effect of eating one is milder, but the experience is almost as arresting. (beeskneessweet

Big Bruno's Bites


Let's put it this way: Big Bruno's is a battle of wills between your stomach and your brain. For example, you know six deep-fried Oreos for $5 is a poor health choice, but it sounds deliciously frugal (and oh boy, is it ever). The heart-palpitating temptations continue with deep-fried bacon-wrapped hot dogs ($3), huge carnitas tacos ($2) and the option to add a fried egg to anything for a buck. Disable your brain with more beer and stuff yourself. (Find Big Bruno's Bites on Facebook)

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