Join the pro wrestler costume contest to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Tuesday Night Juggernaut

American Party Machine
American Party Machine

American Party Machine

Tuesday, June 18 – Tuesday Night Juggernaut One-Year Anniversary

10 p.m.


37 W. Pine St.



Apparently, your concept of time really flies when you’re killing brain cells with headbanging and cheap whiskey, because we can’t believe Tuesday Night Juggernaut is turning a year old already. Against impressive odds, downtown’s only real metal/punk/hardcore night has, thankfully, persisted. To celebrate, the usual (and insanely charitable) $3 cover buys you access to a total blowout featuring hardcore metallists Space Brain (also celebrating their official record release), extreme-metal humorists Primary Colors, sludge beasts Demons, big-dick rockers American Party Machine and dirty tech-thrashers Dissident Aggressor. Shit’s gonna be ridiculous. No, seriously – did we mention that this is a pro wrestler costume party? American Party Machine and Space Brain themselves have already vowed to suit up for the occasion, and APM hosts the costume contest and crowns the Best Dressed during their set for prizes. Oh, boy. – Bao Le-Huu