B&B Junction hosts Man v. Food-style burger-eating contest

Here’s your chance to channel your inner Adam Richman. (Yes, he’s the eager host and competitive eater on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food.)

They’re calling it the “Hotter Than Hell” Burger Eating Contest, a fitting name for this month’s First Friday chow-down at the recently opened grass-fed burger joint B&B Junction in Winter Park.

The competition is going down this Friday, March 1 and the featured burger for March is fiery to the core: Participants have 10 minutes to eat a 10-ounce ghost chili pepper stuffed patty, double coated with melted ghost chili cheese and topped with pickled ghost chili relish.

In case you’re not familiar with the ghost chili pepper, this small chili, also known as the Bhut Jolokia, is grown in parts of India and Bangladesh, and Guinness World Records once named it the hottest pepper in the world.

So, you know, no big deal.

The contest is only open to 10 people, and eaters can start signing up at 7 p.m. The first person to down the burger will receive an “I Survived the Burger Challenge at B&B Junction” T-shirt, their entire meal free, a beer and unlimited milk for the night (for which your insides will say thanks).

Orlando band Superbad will heat things up with live jazz and funk tunes, while smart – we mean, supportive – spectators receive specials on Cigar City Brewing beer.

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