Grandma Party's anonymous angel philanthropist

As one of the lucky folks who has organized Grandma Party the past few years, I can tell you that we put a lot of thought into the big picture of the event, and we try our damnedest to accept a variety of vendors who are making just really, really cool stuff. We want you to walk from one booth to the next and see something different each time. We look for beauty, eccentricity, messages, materials, strange, and things that, if we had all the money in the world, we would truly want to buy and artists who we believe deserve support.

I'm telling you this now, because for all that we endeavor to support the local arts community, this year at Grandma Party, there was someone present who managed to trump our efforts.

Early in the day, Jenna Caring, the neat maker behind Featherhead Studio, was approached by a mysterious woman who told her that she liked Featherhead Studio's booth best, complimented Caring for her work, presented her with an envelope and then quietly slipped away. Inside the envelope was $1,000, which I can only imagine was a gift intended to encourage Caring to continue working. I promise you, neither I nor my co-organizer Christina Rapson knew there was any sort of talent contest going on. But, we were thrilled to hear of Jenna's good fortune, especially considering she was out selling her art that day in spite of feeling really under the weather.

Jenna expressed a desire to publicly thank this angel investor. I'd like to add my thanks in the mix, as well. And, as usual, that thanks also extends to all the vendors, bands, sponsors, my rad-as-shit partner Christina, Stardust and everyone who came out because, as usual, Grandma Party was all-day, non-stop fun.