Natura Coffee & Tea hosts Central Florida Stick Night

Flint Blade
Flint Blade

Friday, July 27 –

Central Florida Stick Night

with Flint Blade, Jeremy Birdsall, Juan R. Leon

9 p.m.

Natura Coffee & Tea

12078 Collegiate Way



If you didn’t catch their improv set from last August’s Orlando Science Center presentation, you owe it to yourself to watch local musicians Jeremy Birdsall and Juan R. Leon walk hard and carry their big-ass Chapman Sticks. Lemme explain: Basically a guitar that’s one giant fretboard, the Stick was designed in the 1970s by professorial innovator Emmett Chapman and can act as a guitar, keyboard and a bass at the same time! OK, maybe we’re not selling this right. It’s crazy thick and pliable and when manipulated properly, produces the fullest, funkiest sound this side of George Clinton. Again, it really needs to be seen to get it, and what better time than tonight, when Birdsall and Leon reteam with drummer Reed Hayes (who supported them at the Orlando Science Center improv) and add fellow stickist (yep, we’re calling that a thing) Flint Blade in a Stick-fest jam spectacular. Gentlemen, whip ’em out. – Justin Strout