Cuss Yeah! A Wes Anderson Homage Costume Party

'Life Aquatic-Prologue' by Brian Demeter
'Life Aquatic-Prologue' by Brian Demeter

 Saturday, June 16 – Cuss Yeah! A Wes Anderson Homage Costume Party

8 p.m.

Stardust Video & Coffee

1842 E. Winter Park Road



“Wes Anderson-y,” while ungrammatical, is a perfectly valid and instantly comprehensible adjective. (Synonyms include: mannered, buttoned-up, absurd, yearning, obsessive, chic, self-centered, oddball, exquisite, whimsical, hermetic.) Anderson’s world is so fully realized, it’s tempting to want to step into it – to eat savory snacks and drink sweet lime on a steam-fueled train, make out with a Papua New Guinea tribesman, stage a school-play version of Serpico. An art show at Stardust Video & Coffee has displayed the fruit of some local artists’ Anderson obsession for the past few weeks; instead of an opening, they’ve chosen to throw a closing party – a costume party, to boot. This should be easy: The most immediately identifiable aspect of an Anderson film is the meticulous wardrobe. We expect to see a lot of sweatbands and tracksuits, red beanies, fur coats, berets and school blazers, and Boy Scout uniforms, but we live in hope that some of you might stretch: Pagoda’s fur hat; Ash Fox’s superhero suit; the Hotel Chevalier girl’s fabulous Marc Jacobs coat; Dignan’s yellow coverall. Or you could just go all Wes Anderson-y in a high-water corduroy suit and Wallabees. Whatever you wear, be there. – Jessica Bryce Young