Fringe review: I Married a Nun

I Married a Nun is D’yan Forest’s uninhibited reminiscence of her 25-year lesbian affair with an ex-Carmelite novitiate, interspersed with a musical travelogue detailing her visits to various sex shows, group gropes and carnal exhibitions in the demimonde of past and present Paris. Some of Forest’s remembrances are touching, some are shocking and some are more than a little sad.

Now, I don’t see myself as a prude. And though I probably live a fairly sedate and conventional life (at least at this late stage), I am always open to a theatrical exploration of all things bright, beautiful, bawdy and bodacious. But this show has got me a bit flummoxed. And here’s why:

D’yan is a 77-year-old little Jewish lady from Boston! OK, nothing wrong with that. But I’m a middle-aged Jewish man and D’yan could easily stand in for my own mother, or any one of my deceased little-old-lady Jewish aunts, not one of whom would have been likely to produce a pair of velvet-covered handcuffs or an electric dildo at the Seder table.

Again, I don’t condemn Forest’s sexuality, or her current or former prurient interests, and it is nice to know that even at 77, she’s got twice the libido of some half her age. But there was this saying that I heard as a kid after I would let fly a curse word or some sexual innuendo: “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” In I Married a Nun, D’yan is the one with the potty mouth and . . . well, it’s just a little weird picturing my Aunt Anne, or Aunt Jeanne, or Aunt Gladys . . . you get my point? -- Al Krulick

I Married a Nun

D'Yan Forest - New York, New York

Friday 18 May; at 11:15pm in the Patrons'

Sunday 20 May; at 5:30pm in the Patrons'

Tuesday 22 May; at 9:30pm in the Patrons'

Thursday 24 May; at 11:15pm in the Patrons'

Saturday 26 May; at 7:15pm in the Patrons'

Price: $11 + Fringe Button (good for entire Fringe)

Discount(s): Seniors|Students

Length: 60

Rating: Mature, Risque, language and sexual content (no nudity)