SnoozeFest: Tonight At BackBooth

Leslie, more like Nancy
Wednesday July, 6th - Leslie Okay, so maybe we're biased but Charleston, SC band Leslie is hawkin' up a loogie that's just plain hard to swallow. They've managed to hash out some great tunes... all of which sound like they're from 1997. Their latest release, Lord, Have Mercy, was produced by the Grammy-nom or Grammy-non (as in he didn't win) Paul Ebersold, who has produced such fine artists as Three Doors Down and Sister Hazel. Note to contemporary americana artists: The preceding have been prime examples of how selecting a producer on namesake can drag you down. Has Leslie achieved creating an album that could create commercial success? Sure. Of course they have. Meanwhile, are there elements of pop "charm" that stole this once-heartfelt band's souls? Ouch, even we felt that one. Anyways, being an asshole aside, local opener The Broken Inn is a shoe-INN for a good time. As OW's own Bao Le-Huu recently said, "...the rest of the band needs to lock in to singer-guitarist Daniel Hanson's vibe in order to fully lift off... Despite the wrinkles, something's there." Honestly, there are not enough good things that can be said about The Broken Inn. Their recent release Leftover Knowledge is the kind of reminder of 90's americana that one can appreciate instantly. And finally, if you've ever been in the doctor's office and stumbled upon Highlights Magazine or had a subscription to Zoobooks, have we got a game for you. Can you tell the difference between Leslie's "Hearts On The Run" and Green Day's "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" ?!?!? *****(Answer hidden below the two videos)

[youtube k_nJGpcsNgk]

[youtube bxfpMGLMZ7Y]

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 (9p.m. at The BackBooth, 37 W. Pine St., Orlando; $5; 407-999-2570;