Selection Reminder: Pop princess Katy Perry tonight at UCF Arena!

Thursday, June 9Katy Perry

When Russell Brand and Nicholas Stoller came up with the character Jackie Q, an anally obsessed, over-the-top starlet with marginal talent and catchy hooks, as the ex-girlfriend to Brand’s Aldous Snow in last summer’s Get Him to the Greek, they couldn’t have known that Brand’s future wife, marginally talented starlet Katy Perry (who actually appeared in a deleted cameo in that film) would take on Jackie Q’s persona for the second act of Perry’s meteoric pop rise shortly thereafter. It was a smart move: Teenage Dream, Perry’s cotton candy-coated platinum behemoth has so far yielded four hit singles (only the fifth album by a female artist to accomplish that feat in history) and was nominated for Album of the Year at this year’s Grammys. Despite Perry’s blatant, even self- celebrated vapidness in both image and sound – her videos and stage performances boast everything from fireworks bursting from her breasts to her riding a flying surfboard – her songs are undeniably some of pop music’s most bombastic and enjoyable. On a side note, her songs are thus far the only ones that make this writer’s 15-month-old daughter dance. That alone earns Perry mad kudos. – Justin Strout (with Robyn; 7:30 p.m. at UCF Arena, University of Central Florida; $45; 407-823-3070;