Happy Birthday, Brian Chodorcoff ... you suck!

OK, first, there is at least one thing wrong with that headline. Mainly that local guitarist Brian Chodorcoff's birthday isn't until next week. But, he is celebrating his birthday a little early, thanks to a pretty fantastic birthday show that's been set up at Will's Pub this Saturday in his honor. And that, my friends, is why he sucks.

Check out this lineup:

  • Jon Silva
  • Steve Krone
  • Jim O'Rourke
  • Big Jef
  • Thomas Wynn
  • Beth McKee
  • David Schweizer
  • The Downgettters (featuring Kaleigh Baker, Joseph Martens, Jeff Nolan, Anthony Manzo, Mike Kossler and Chodorcoff)
  • Changing Shapes (Chodorcoff's new project)

All of these cats – you know, just some of the best musicians in Orlando's rock scene – are people with whom Chodorcoff has worked. Either as a guitarist, producer, or co-conspirator.

And that is why he sucks. Because in addition being an awesome enough musician to play alongside and inspire guys and gals like that, Chodorcoff is also one of the Orlando music scene's friendliest and most generous dudes, and that's why they're all coming out to sing a tune or two in his honor. Yeah, couldn't just be a good player, could he? He had to suck and actually be a nice guy too. Jeez, the nerve of some people.

(Also, because he actually does not suck, but is in fact awesome, I hereby propose that on his birthday, everyone call Chodorcoff "Johnny Lightnin'," just like that cake up there.)