The Return of Vocalization

This is where I roll out some sort of "Don't call it a comeback" line, right? Because something like that would not only celebrate the resilience of the scene that Vocalization nights represent, but it would also make it seem like classic hip-hop lines just roll off my tongue at will. (When, in fact, I'd just be trotting out the same lyric from the NCIS guy's old career that EVERYONE uses all the time.) Whatever, don't call the return of Vocalization nights a comeback; just be happy that it's happening.

What is Vocalization? A hip-hop open mic night. But oh, it's a lot more than that. It's more of a summit meeting of Orlando's most impressive and innovative hip-hop aficionados, those genre acolytes who manage to create and seek out goodness and greatness in a style of music that has gotten so superficially stale that their efforts seem futile ... until somebody actually takes the stage.

[youtube JwXsMVcqN9c]

Vocalization 2011 kicks off on Feb. 9 with a mighty bang: Rhymesayers-affiliated MC/Soul Position member Blueprint is coming in from out of town, which is awesome. But, really, the focus is on the 407, with Solillaquists of Sound (duh), Beef Wellington, SKIP & Jimmy, Yella, and of course, whoever steps up to the mic. It's $7. It's at Back Booth, and you should be there.