The loan gunman

The state Legislature didn't do anything to curb the usurious title-loan industry this year, and Orange County is merely making promises to reform. So Orlando lawyer Ken Mann, on behalf of Donna Schwilm and James Jadloweic, filed a new lawsuit last week against U.S. Title Express -- and against the law that condones a 264 percent interest rate.

The law is unconstitutional and discriminatory, Mann says, because it singles out those who do not have access to "conventional methods" of short-term financing. A similar suit filed two years ago almost gained class-action status before the loan company settled with his client.

The new suit claims U.S. Title Express exceeded the maximum legal interest rate of 264 percent when it repossessed and sold the plaintiff's vehicle after charging them interest for 15 months to the tune of over $1500 -- on a $600 loan.