Get Your War On II
By David Rees (Riverhead, 176 pages)

Imagine if you turned on network news one evening and instead of hearing bland jingoisms about "staying the course" or "liberating Iraq," Stone Phillips or Tom Brokaw lit into a profane tirade about the debacle in Iraq? If this sounds amusing to you, then this second compendium of David Rees' screamingly funny and dead-on comic strip "Get Your War On" should be in your hands, now. Each strip pictures ultrageneric office workers talking on the phone or chatting in meetings. Though they look like they should be discussing golf or the new secretary, they wind up spewing out expletive-laced riffs about the war on terror. And off they go, into rants that reveal how our media has a whopping case of A.D.D. ("Isn't bird cage liner supposed to be absorbent?" one asks.) They also feature a series of hilarious one-liners. "When Dick Cheney weeps, is the oil coming out of his eyes leaded or unleaded?" Or try this one on for size: "If an FBI agent secretly takes a dump in your toilet, does he have to flush?"