Atlanta looks up, finds us

We raved about Orlando rapper Wes Fif’s distinct mishmash of raver-thump and street flow earlier this year (“Day-glo flow,” April 5). The music biz heard our plea and agreed. Atlantic sister label Slip-N-Slide Records, which shepherded Rick Ross’s rotund self into Billboard’s Top Ten charts last year, announced this week that they signed Mr. Fif (Carl Maurry III, pictured left) to a major recording contract in a joint venture with Clientell Music Group. The 22-year-old Fif responded, “I’m the hottest indie nigga in the streets. They’re the hottest label … it’s a no-brainer.”

Santa will beat yo’ ass …

But will do so in a vintage-yet-bohemian herringbone sweater vest. Our favorite 40-year-old DJ, Peanut Butter Wolf, once again dug into his immense crates of treasures and pulled out weird-ass Christmas tunes. Yep, when Santa is done shredding his fingers assembling that goddamn bike for Timmy, Mrs. Claus (aka your mama) can throw on Badd Santa: A Stones Throw Records Xmas and find James Brown supplying mistletoe inspiration with “Go Power at Christmas Time.” Or, if Miss Kringle’s nastier than you expected, there’s 69 Boyz and Quad City DJs’ “What You Want for Christmas.” It’s not all go-time, however. Bruce Haack’s robo-choly “I Like Christmas” is perfect for shopping, especially when that creeping automaton feeling hits overdrive. The latest in a disturbing trend, Badd Santa can only be found at Urban Outfitters in the Mall at Millenia.

Former Nasti man located

Ever wondered what happened to Kris Gruda, one-time shredder extraordinaire for Shak Nasti? Well, I did once or twice – and then I found him, and he hasn’t exactly been in hiding. Gruda can be spotted every Wednesday at Kitty O’Shea’s Irish Pub with the Tony Rich Quartet. He tells us he’s also formed an experimental jazz group and fallen in with the stupidly talented Nonsense Records crew, playing on both Sol.illaquists’ and S.K.I.P.’s latest records. Catch him Dec. 14 at the Social supporting chanteuse Alexandra(h).

Live from the fjord

I was conflicted about Icelandic shoegazers Sigur Ros’ new double album of “reinterpretations,” with a few new and live songs thrown in. The good news arrived Dec. 4: Heima, a limited-edition, two-hour DVD collection of live concerts held last year in Iceland. The “deluxe” edition is individually numbered and includes a 116-page bound book. Watch the minimalistest band in the world perform in deserted fish factories, sylvan fields, caves, canyons and, of course, fjords. Big-box stores are not stocking this prize, but Park Ave CDs will have it with bells on ….

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