Oscar bash doesnâ??t hew to the party line

If the very LOUD acceptance speeches of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Damon/Affleck were all that kept you awake during the last few Academy Award snooze-fests, maybe a little communal snarkiness is just what you need to stimulate consciousness throughout this year's marathon.

Wanzie & Doug, the official movie critics of Real Radio 104.1's "The Philips Phile," hand out the No-Doz this Sunday at Enzian Theater, hosting a group viewing of the televised ceremony that throws food, drinks, contests and celebrity look-alikes into the customary Oscar-night mix of fashion accidents and Tibetan prayers.

A benefit for the Florida Film Festival and the Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Community Center, the exercise in genial groupthink sees armchair Prices and Waterhouses picking the night's winners and making merciless fun of its losers. The attendee whose predictions prove most accurate is rewarded with a one-year pass to Enzian, so he or she can get off to an early start spotting next year's hopefuls.

The evening's highlight is a running commentary by the dishy duo themselves, as they take the "Beavis & Butt-head"/"Mystery Science Theater 3000" approach to real-time defilation of show-biz sacred cows. Expect no dance interlude to go unpunished.