Torito's rises with the heat

As the mercury rises, there's no better time to indulge in Mexican food. After all, that's the climate in which the cuisine took shape. Torito's is an inventive option that sprouted up at 1200 Lee Road. Seating is limited but it's comfortable with roomy tables and chairs.

Among the appetizers, the shrimp cocktails are served Baja style, with a light, lush citrus sauce ($7.99). "Queso fundido" is served in a kettle that spills over with melted Jack cheese and spinach, surrounded by crispy heaps of sizzling tortilla chips.

"Skirt steaks" are laden with onions and tomatoes ($7.99) -- better yet, with cheese enchiladas, rice and refried beans ($8.99). Try the fried pork, breaded jalapeño and tamales combo ($7.50). Nobody leaves without a doggie bag.