Net solutions for every holiday

Whichever holiday you're celebrating, invite your multicultural crowd and stock the groaning board with recipes from the 'net.

For a Rockwellian Christmas, what better place than Reader's Digest? More than 100 recipes range from baked ham to lemon bars.

Light the virtual menorah at, while learning how to pickle a herring and make sweet-potato tzimmis.

The Global Gourmet has recipes for each of Kwanzaa's seven nights. Try "leg of lamb with cumin, mint and chile" for the first night or "Imani red snapper fillets in creole court bouillon" for the final night.

Or head to a Korean restaurant for red bean cereal soup on Dongji (winter solstice), grab a tostada for Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast or a vegetarian delight for a Rohatsu (the enlightenment of the Buddha) party!