Go gonzo over kitchen gizmos

The holidays are over. Now it's time to give yourself the sparkly new food gadget you didn't get in your gift pile.

From the folks who brought you the Itty Bitty Book Light comes the Food Tool, perfect for a sudden attack of "Survivor" fever. It's a cork-screw, bottle opener, laser-edge knife, can opener, screwdriver AND salt-and-pepper shaker. With the 6-inch-long gizmo you'll never be caught unprepared for emergency cooking.

This is like the Batman utility belt of kitchen tools: The Villaware Imperia Pasta Machine makes spaghetti or fettuccine, but snap on attachments, and ravioli, gnocchi and tagliatelle emerge like magic.

If you cook at all, you've been drooling for a rust-free, nonstick, always-razor-sharp ceramic knife. Click over to Premium Knives for great prices on Kyocera and Boker knives. You'll be thankful at every slice.