New brew debuts in Thornton Park

If you happen to know a television producer, tell him or her that you have a great idea: a show that revolves around six 20-somethings living in Orlando who have wacky adventures and hang out at a funky local neighborhood coffee shop, where they can sit on couches and play games, watch TV and have cake. Fine, you say, except there isn't anyplace like that in Orlando.

Well, surprise! There is now, in the form of The Coffee House of Thornton Park (712 E. Washington Ave., 407-426-8989). Open until 5 p.m. at the moment, the small but comfortable coffee-brewery is looking to set some weekend evening hours shortly. The building is set back enough from the increasingly trendy street that you can sit outside, have a cappuccino or espresso and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake, or relax inside on the sofa, eat a muffin and make fun of Ross new date. Oh wait, that's the other coffeehouse.