Turn over your kitchen to a pro

The rich are different. Aside from having more money than you and me, they get people to cook for them. Well, it's time to even the score, because now we ordinary folks have ... Chef Andy!

Chef Andy Smith, who's cooked at the James Beard House in New York and worked for Michael Jordan, runs a service called New World Chef (352-406-8351), and he will give you a new appreciation for what can be accomplished when you stay the heck out of your own kitchen. Yes, he comes to your house, with groceries and his own pots, cooks up a storm, and stocks your fridge with two weeks' worth of goodies. He'll also prepare meals for parties and even teach you to cook.

There are several plans available, with a two-week package for a family of four running about $300 plus groceries -- which is cheaper than eating out all the time.