No mystery to these hot dogs

You get hungry after a long evening of drinking and listening to music at eardrum-shattering levels, don't you? But pizza is too messy, and a sit-down meal is too time-consuming. A street hot dog covered in sauerkraut and mustard -- that would be heaven. If only what goes into a frank were a little less, well, suspicious.

On your next jaunt between Have a Nice Day Cafe and the Sapphire, stop by John McKee's yellow hot-dog cart, and take note of the word "vegan." McKee spent a year as a park ranger in New York City, so he knows a little something about incongruities. And it makes perfect sense to be selling totally nonmeat wieners and vegan cheese sauce on Orange Avenue to partiers. He gets his "meats" from the Seventh Day Adventists, and while they fall short in the texture department (a bit too mushy), they taste good, and you can be certain they're not made of cow lips.