Wondrous waffle is no pretender

Orlando is known for innovation and discovery. A center of theme park technology, we are now blessed with another ground-breaking advance: a previously unknown Belgian waffle.

National Geographic may be nipping at the heels of Jacky's Belgian Waffles up in the food court at Orlando Fashion Square Mall (3201 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando; 407-898-4711), but we found them first. This ain't your ordinary giant waffle, no sir, but the authentic original Belgian from Liege. The hunk of dough we smother with strawberries and gooey syrup is actually a pretender (where's "60 Minutes" when you need them?), a "Brussels" waffle. The Liege version that Jacky's specializes in is chewier, tastier and with a whole-grain consistency. Not to mention that Jacky's Belgian Waffles also can be ordered with fruit and nuts or covered in chocolate -- take THAT, Brussels!