Princeton exit curries favor

Looking at the brick facade and barred windows of 301 E. Princeton St., it's hard to tell what's available at Princeton Food Store (407-895-4890). It turns out to be a convenience store with "lunch specials."

"The Simpson's Kwik-E-Mart" it's not; instead, it's the closest place to downtown for an Indian food fix. The advertised special offers thick and spicy Pakistani chicken curry, marinated goat kurma with onions and garlic, or curried minced beef keema, along with ginger-perfumed biryani rice and two veggies, all for $4.99. Whole rotisserie chickens, tikka-style, are made on premises. Vegetarians will be enticed by Indian chapati and naan breads, spiced vegetable samosa patties and a hearty veggie curry. And there's a large assortment of imported beers (including Indian Kingfisher). The store is right off I-4 at the Princeton Street exit, and it's a secret worth sharing.