Fringe Festival sweetens the pot

Finally, a reason to go to the Orlando International Fringe Festival that doesn't involve tortured actors or nudity. Mead, the nectar of the gods -- or a rampaging Viking or two -- will be served by the folks from Redstone Meadery in Colorado.

Basically fermented honey, the black raspberry and boysenberry nectars are brewed with fruit purees, and are bubbly potions with a pleasantly light taste. Unflavored honey wine is "still" (no bubbles), and is citrusy from the massive amount of orange-blossom honey used. But beware this sweet adult beverage, as it has a 12 percent alcohol kick. Beer haters will love it.

Redstone's is served at Pebbles Restaurants, and the big blue bottles with the swing-away stoppers can be purchased at Bauer Brewing in Winter Park (407-644-9991).

Last one to the mead tent gets a medieval whoopin'.