Wine fiends refocus those glassy eyes

The latest wine obsession isn't a grape or vineyard, but the vessel you drink it from. Oenophiles swear that the better the quality of the glass, the better the wine tastes.

While we've always preferred our vino in Flintstones jelly jars (love that Betty), the two European brands of choice for those in the know are Spiegelau Echtkristall from Germany and the Austrian Riedel Crystal.

A very reasonable set of six Spiegelau Authentis Collection wine glasses will set you back $40, while the connoisseur's choice of Riedel Sommeliers Series sells for $45 each, both on Amazon ( with free shipping. Or drop 10 bucks at the Wine Warehouse in Winter Park (959 W. Fairbanks Ave., 407-647-4744) from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 28, for their next tasting of wines from the Tiefenbrunner, Allegrini and Zenato vineyards, and pick up a Spiegelau glass for free.