Spots of tea make a heady splash

There are enough coffee bars in the downtown Orlando area to keep several armies awake. But unless you dunk your own bag, there are damn few places to sit down for a nice cup of tea.

That's changed with the arrival of Evertea, dubbed a "tea trade house" (120 W. Church St., 866-420-6444). Since history tells us of the power of tea companies, one shouldn't downplay the power of the leaf. Especially from a cozy shop that offers beverages and infusions from more than a dozen countries, made out of everything from blackberry leaves, hibiscus and marigolds to mangos, South African honeybush and naturally sweet and caffeine-free Rooibos.

For a more familiar cup of tea, the Chinese gunpowder, roasted Japanese Hojicha and Indian Golden Darjeeling should tempt anyone. Biscuits, fresh scones and some lovely honeys (try the Italian chestnut) round out the civilized offerings.