Orlando Avenue's full of beans

The run of Orlando Avenue near Winter Park Village is quickly becoming a haven for Hispanic food. Following on the heels of Chipotle (525 S. Orlando Ave.; 407-628-3207) is Coconuts Cafe (911 N. Orlando Ave., 407-767-7878).

Coconuts serves beef empanadas, croquettes and some of the largest Cuban sandwiches you'll ever see -- even pressed, they're a handful. And the grilled chicken salad will last all day; spiked with pineapple and oranges, it's a steal at $5.49. And Coconuts has drive-through.

But the best on the block is still Black Bean Deli (325 S. Orlando Ave.; 407-628-0294). Last year's change of ownership -- from aunt to nephew -- has brought a new vitality to the kitchen. The lunch platters are a bargain at under $6. Tender roasted chicken has a citrusy tang, pork is marinated and slow-cooked, and the black beans are, well, black beans, dandy with a splash of hot sauce.