Intimidated by tongs and the raw heat of meat and charcoal? Well, get over it. This is Florida, where grilling is not limited to summer and just about any cook's spell of recipe ennui can be remedied with the strike of a match. And here's a little secret about grilling – it's really easy. You just need to know a few tricks.

That's the ground that Eric Kelley, executive chef at Wolfgang Puck Café, will cover in "Thrill of the Grill," the second installment in his series of five seasonal cooking classes aimed at teaching novices, as well as catapulting those with experience into a more sophisticated realm.

Among the dishes to be taught are two fabulous salads. One is an old standby, potato salad, but this one, made with Yukon fingerling potatoes, adds apple-smoked sausage and the complexity of charred flavor for pizzazz. The other salad creatively tosses together colorful organic watermelons and shaved fennel in Midori vinaigrette.

Sous-chef Keith Schockling will demonstrate Szechuan-style beef and curry chicken satays. The spicy meats wouldn't be complete without dipping sauces: Thai peanut and curry aioli. Quick and fun, I only wish I had these recipes for the last party I hosted.

Grilled brick chicken with lemon-oregano marinade is next, and is the very reason that I want to attend. Participants will learn tips and techniques for this unique grilling method that uses heat and steam to create a tender, flavorful dish with a citrusy, herbaceous marinade.

Last, but not least, executive pastry chef Marian Getz will demonstrate how to make strawberry shortcake with homemade biscuits.

The cost of the class is $50, and you'll come home with not only grand ideas for the grill but a Wolfgang Puck Café apron as well.

Thrill of the Grill
Wolfgang Puck Café
Noon-3 pm Saturday, April 23
(407) 934-8424