Down with capitalists

The people who defend transnational capitalism are, by and large, the ones who have inherited its benefits and are blind to its vast shortcomings `"Second coming," Nov. 23`. Ask the swelling masses of poorly paid laborers in India, China or any other country overrun by rapacious resource mining how they feel about capitalism.

Since that's out of the question for us egocentric Americans, let's consider how many deaths and injuries have occurred here due to shoddy products, from cars to antidepressants, rushed to the market by fat cats oblivious to concerns outside of the bottom line. That's capitalism at its grandest.

I applaud `Students for a Democratic Society` for pointing out what nasty offspring transnational capitalism can produce, such as `the University of Central Florida's` relationship with Siemens, a company that has doled out millions of dollars to the murderous Khartoum regime in Sudan. Let the reactionaries sit and stew at their computers until the next status-quo-threatening travesty comes along. We'll be out in the streets.

John Goodman, via the Internet

That explains it

Regarding my "odd get-up" at the Ehud Barak speech `"Second coming," Nov. 23` consisting of appropriate colonial attire including pith helmet, bush jacket and knee-high boots: Billy Manes apparently did not see the sign I was carrying that read, "Stop Israeli colonial settlements." Israel continues its West Bank and Gaza colonial expansion while offering the Palestinians meaningless dialogue in return.

Jay D. Jurie, via the Internet

Sue the HOAs

Billy Manes: Your article in Orlando Weekly regarding homeowners associations was very enlightening. I am in West Palm Beach. I reside in a HOA. My colleagues and I have a case pending in Palm Beach County regarding our HOA board of directors and the association.

Your readers may be interested in what we are doing about problems we are having and what actions we have taken to the court in Palm Beach. Our website — www.baywindslife.com — has lots of good information.

Paul M. Helfgott, via the Internet

Not surprising

I wasn't surprised to see that Andy Taylor was fired from Duran Duran `Blister, Nov. 23`. Andy Taylor was the first to leave Duran Duran, in 1985, and Andy Taylor was the only member of Duran Duran to have a solo hit, "Take It Easy," from the soundtrack of a movie called American Anthem; Wayne Gretzky's wife is in it.

John Taylor recorded a solo song, "I Do What I Do," for the soundtrack of 9 1/2 Weeks, but it tanked on the charts. I liked it though.

Wes Pierce, Orlando

Terrorist truckers?

I was elated to see the WorldNetDaily news report that the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) is calling for truckers to boycott and oppose foreign-owned toll roads. Todd Spencer, executive vice president of OOIDA, indicates a tremendous concern for increased imported terrorism across our open borders, as "worldwide trucks are the weapons of choice of terrorists."

Ed Nemechek, via the Internet

Department of Corrections

In last week's cover story, "Second coming," it was erroneously reported that the Oct. 9 immigration forum featuring Republicans Tom Feeney and Ric Keller was sponsored by UCF's Global Perspectives Office. In fact, the event was co-sponsored by Global Perspectives and the Lou Frey Institute.

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