Police Beat

Dec. 9

(2009-581164) 2:02 p.m.: A woman crossing John Young Parkway against the light started running when someone honked at her, and ran straight into the path of an oncoming car.

(2009-581345) 3:50 p.m.: A woman said she parked behind the McDonald's on South Semoran Boulevard planning to sell some silver jewelry — $100,000 worth. Instead, a guy pulled a gun and took both car and jewelry.

(2009-582041) 11:48 p.m.: A would-be burglar on North Hampton Avenue made it through the dog door, but not the house's back door. Cops leashed him in the backyard.

Dec. 10

(2009-584293) 5 p.m.: Sometime since Thanksgiving, Orange County public schools complex on West Amelia Street has been missing 14 netbook computers, nine iPods and 13 video cameras: value $14,788.

(2009-583401) 6:46 p.m.: Somebody shot a man in the leg and gut on Olivia Street.

(2009-583562) 9 p.m.: Three men dragged another off the corner of Parramore Avenue and South Street, pistol-whipped him in an alley, and took his wallet.

Dec. 11

(2009-584197) 7 a.m.: Keating Glass Corp. on South Division Avenue found someone had swiped their computer, two printers, a roll of stamps and 9 mm handgun — and, for some reason, dumped out all the trash cans.

(2009-585039) 6:37 p.m.: As residents pulled into their driveway on Fairway Lane, a guy got out of a parked vehicle waving a gun and told them to hit the dirt. He took their wallets, cell phone and iPod. "The suspect called one victim by his nickname (redacted) and told him that he had robbed his friend," Officer Remy Randall says.

(2009-585350) 10:25 p.m.: Pro-Tech Air Conditioning & Heating on Silver Star Road is missing a TV and DVD player.

(2009-585486) 10:30 p.m.: One red-faced man in blue had his Palm Beach County police ID and .40-caliber pistol lifted in the lobby of Fairfield Inn & Suites on Vineland Road.

Dec. 12

(2009-585752) 3:58 a.m.: A driver outside the Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida on West Central Boulevard saw three people in his car. They beat him, then took his keys — but somehow failed to take his car.

(2009-585759) 4:20 a.m.: A man confronted someone trying to break into his place at Spanish Oaks Apartments, and the attempted burglar hit him in the head with a machete. The man was later arrested, still holding the machete.

(2009-586096) 11:30 a.m.: Quite a haul on East Michigan Street. While the resident slept, someone smashed the door window and took the TV, stereo and laptop computer, then drove away in the resident's car.

Dec. 13

(2009-587210) 2:55 a.m.: A vehicle smashed into a house on South Crystal Lake Drive. A neighbor started taking pictures, and some of the driver's friends started hitting him, breaking his nose. Two of them were arrested.

(2009-587238) 3:15 a.m.: When a guy showed up at a house party on Clear Cove Lane, six others beat him, took his wallet and phone, and fled in a gold Cadillac DeVille.

(2009-589799) 11:30 p.m.: A couple was standing on the corner of West Colonial Drive and Parramore Avenue. Someone approached on a bicycle, slashed one of the two with a knife, robbed them and left.

Dec. 14

(2009-588845) 7:58 a.m.: Someone stole $2,400 worth of stuff from an unlocked airplane at Orlando Executive Airport.

(2009-589197) Noon: From a house on Vista Lago Drive, burglars took three computers, a 42-inch flat-screen TV, money and a car with the plate "WGA1N."

(2009-589825) 8:14 p.m.: A guy came into the Family Dollar on South Semoran Boulevard and passed a note "demanding money and implying a firearm." He was soon found with note and cash, and arrested.

Dec. 15

(2009-590177) 1:20 a.m.: Ambitious and athletic burglars hit the Big B Food Store on South Westmoreland Drive. They cut locks off the front gate, took Plexiglas out of the front door, broke the counter and made off with the whole cash register, plus at least 1,800 scratch-off lottery tickets.

(2009-591209) 8 a.m.: We can't describe the situation at Automotive Air & Transmission on West Anderson Street better than Officer Melodie Roberts: "The tow truck parked at this location continues to be burglarized. It is believed someone sleeps in the vehicle at night. This business is being burglarized in some way at least once a month. More patrol is requested for this property."

(2009-591235) 4:30 p.m.: A house door got pried open on Fair Weather Way, and among the missing stuff was a loaded .22 rifle.

(2009-591649) 8:56 p.m.: The Man in Black struck on West Pine Street, throwing a guy to the ground and grabbing his wallet — with $3,000 cash and credit cards.

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