Rotation: What local artists are listening to

This week: Jonathan Messeroff of Rug

“Jack White's new album is terrific, but that's an easy one. Who isn't listening to Blunderbuss? Since May of last year, I've been continually revisiting Wild Beast's haunting, cinematic and deeply textured new(ish) album, Smother. I'm not sure that they really have a defined place in today's musical landscape, but there's nothing inherently wrong with that. ‘Loop the Loop,' one of my favorite tracks off Smother, shows how truly dynamic and undoubtedly original Wild Beasts are. I'm constantly trying to spread the word about these guys, so do yourselves a favor and check them out!”

Local rockers Rug celebrate the release of their sophomore album 8 p.m. Saturday, May 12 at Back Booth with guests Heckfire and RJ Harman & Co. Admission is $5. Learn more about Rug at