Kissaway Trail combines Arcade Fire’s expansiveness and Flaming Lips’ bliss

Album review: The Kissaway Trail’s ‘Breach’

Kissaway Trail – Breach
Yep Roc Records
★★★★ (out of 5 stars)

After losing almost half their ranks over creative differences, this Danish band rises, defiantly triumphant, like an epic pop dream on their third album. Even though they’re only a trio now, this sparkling indie-rock record envelops with the reaching expanse of Arcade Fire and radiates a hazy bliss that the Flaming Lips would dap. And the whole thing beams with exuberance and precision. With quivering blossoms like the cathedral-filling “Cuts of Youth,” the sun-bursting “Sarah Jevo” and the titanic romance of “Beauty Still Rebels,” this astonishingly consistent collection lifts like a swooning updraft and rolls out like a shining hit parade.