Couchsurfing: ‘The Unbelievers’

New-to-Netflix documentary pits scientific discovery against belief systems to the tune of Radiohead

The 2013 documentary The Unbelievers (just added to Netflix) is unconcerned with why we exist. Its principle subjects – atheists and scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss – are more compelled by how we exist. Throughout the film, the famous doubters enter into dialogues with religious leaders, activists and one another over a controversial notion that religions are outdated and major belief systems like Islam and Christianity will eventually follow Zeus’ mythological lead and fall from grace. Featuring guest spots with celebrity atheists and atheist sympathizers like Woody Allen, Stephen Colbert and Cameron Diaz (and a pretty distracting underlying soundtrack featuring bands like Radiohead and Ratatat), the hour passes quickly while furthering a mostly engaging discourse with the only disservice to the discussion perhaps being the egos of Krauss and Dawkins. You’ll cringe at every attempt the religious side makes to speak in the language of scientific processes they don’t understand and, religious or not, likely sympathize with the everyman atheists seeking to rise above their negative image through the film.