Opening in Orlando: ‘Deliver us From Evil,’ ‘Earth to Echo’ and ‘Tammy’

Movies opening in Orlando theaters this week

'Deliver Us From Evil'
'Deliver Us From Evil'

Deliver Us From Evil “Inspired by the actual accounts of an NYPD Sergeant,” scream the promo materials. So it’s 90 minutes of selfies with strippers, arbitrary stop-and-frisk harassment runs and Sbarro farts? DON’T. I. WISH. What we’ve got here is more demonic-possession hugger-mugger – this time culled from the memoirs of one Ralph Sarchie, who teamed up with a Catholic priest to combat the sinister forces that were threatening the Big Apple. Of course, that little operation de-prioritized another sinister force that was threatening the Big Apple: the Catholic Church. The movie version stars Eric Bana, whose career has now literally gone to hell. (R) – Steve Schneider

Earth to Echo If you’re ever worried that something you say or do might piss off Steven Spielberg – and yes, I know that concern is probably a likelier element of my life than yours – remember that his lawyers were apparently unable to do anything to stop Earth to Echo, a family sci-fi adventure in which a bunch of concerned kids try to help a stranded alien find his way home. Wait, I’m not finished! The poster even shows a human kid’s finger reaching toward said alien in a gesture of healing friendship, the entire scene bathed in a serene blue light. Jesus, all that Jurassic Park money, and his people can’t even get off a good cease-and-desist? Then again, the trogs on IMDB think it’s ripped off from Spielberg’s Super 8 instead. So maybe there’s some sort of legal loophole when you bite two of a guy’s properties at once? Either way, I guess I’ve got nothing to worry about anymore, so here goes: Hey, Steve! The Terminal blew, big dog! (PG) – SS

Tammy The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate the shared experiences and attitudes that make us all American. And this year, one of those ties that bind is that we sure do love to see Melissa McCarthy play Melissa McCarthy. In Tammy, her filter-less lowlife character happens to be a downsized fast-food worker – one whose response to unemployment is to take a road trip with grandma Susan Sarandon. If you saw the ads on mute and assumed Sarandon was playing McCarthy’s mother instead, pour yourself a shot and count the months since she was supposed to be only one generation removed from Andy Samberg. Motherlover, how the time does fly. (R) – SS