Phantogram continues their sleek seduction on ‘Voices’

Album review: Phantogram’s ‘Voices’

★★★★ (out of 5 stars)

Whenever a group like Phantogram breaks through, the mainstream becomes a slightly more tolerable place. And it’s heartening to see that they’ve been able to make the dreaded jump to the majors without any apparent artistic compromise. Not that there’s much that’s objectionable about the sleek seduction of their dream-woven, beat-thick electro-pop, but weird shit happens all the time. In fact, their template’s more than just undimmed here, it’s etched deeper, with new angles and cuts courtesy of hip-hop construction and technique. Knockouts include the nocturnal throb of “Black Out Days,” the dynamic stutter of “Howling at the Moon,” the electro-gaze splendor of “Celebrating Nothing” and especially “Fall in Love,” a gorgeous tower of urban soul. All told, it’s a nice evolution for a quality pop act that knows how to balance aesthetic and appeal.